Emergency Management Agency

Fayette County - Ohioema007

  • EMA - Emergency Management Agency
  • LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • HLS - Office of Homeland Security

Director: Melissa Havens

Fayette County
Emergency Management Agency
133 S. Main Street (Suite L-15)
Washington Court House, Ohio 43160

Phone: 740.335.8264
Fax: 740.333.0002

Mission Statement . . . .

The Fayette County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and Homeland Security (HLS) is taking a "Systematic Approach" to coordinate Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, EMS, Red Cross, Health Department, Hospital, and other responding agencies alongside of Fayette County elected officials.

This unification of ALL emergency services within the city and Fayette County, to save LIVES and PROPERTY. This approach will enhance our effectiveness in MITIGATION, PREPAREDNESS, RESPONSE, AND RECOVERY as a united work force during adverse circumstances for the citizens of FAYETTE COUNTY and the surrounding area.