Victim Witness Brochure

Victim and Witness Assistance

This office is committed to providing any assistance possible to the victims and witnesses of crimes in Fayette County. The cooperation of the victim or witness is most important to the successful prosecution in a criminal case.

The Victim Witness Division is here to help you and will make every effort to ensure that victims and witnesses receive prompt notification of scheduled changes that involve their case.

victim_witnessThe purpose of the Victim Witness Division is to .....

  • Provide more consideration and personal attention to victims and witnesses.
  • Sensitize criminal justice professionals, the media, and the community to the needs of victims of crime.
  • Assure that victims and witnesses are informed of the progress of the case in which they are involved.
  • Advocate for victims and their families by connecting them with local resources that will aid them in their recovery process.
  • Provide an advocate to all victims at all stages of the criminal justice process.
  • Provide information and advocacy during post sentencing hearings.
  • Petition for and provide advocacy during Civil Protection Orders.
  • Assist victims with applying for Victims of Crime Compensation.
  • Assist victims with Victim Notification and VINE.