Fayette County Comprehensive Land Use Strategy Plan 2006 Executive Summary 

In the future, Fayette County will continue to be an attractive place to live with an excellent quality of life comprehensive land use strategy plan 2006maintained through effective land use, sound financial and social decisions, and supported by a strong and diversified economic base that brings prosperity to all its residents.

Fayette County will maintain a balance between the preservation of its traditional rural environment and an expanded economic base with industrial, commercial, and retail centers for its residents.

Fayette County will have a varied land use pattern which accommodates the needs and interests of all community residents. Growth will be guided into those areas that have the infrastructure to support it without placing an undue burden to taxpayers. The highway and road system development will be carefully planned and financed through the wise use of capital improvement funds. Water and sewer will be provided in cooperation with existing utility systems to ensure the efficient and effective use of financial resources.

Fayette County will preserve and protect its agricultural land, open space, streams, rivers and ground water supply to the extent that it is consistent with the desires of our residents and to the extent that we can create a secure financial future for all residents.

envision_logoenVISION Fayette County
. . . is an update to the 2006 Fayette County Comprehensive Land Use Strategy Plan and will serve as a guiding document for the community in addressing long-term goals and growth. The enVISION Fayette County Plan conveys the vision of what Fayette County strives to be based on the needs and values of the county’s residents.  For the Appendix click here.

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