Urban/Conservation home projects


Landowner? Owner? Neighbor? Here you’ll find conservation information related to your house, yard, and daily living.
We Have

•Rain Barrels, tree and native plant sales and workshops in the spring.
•Historical aerial imagery of Fayette County dating back to 1939
•We help with:
•Nutrient Management – proper lawn fertilization link to Hamilton SWCD
•Improving Soil health – through gardening with Cover crops and composting
•Responsible Water quality and Quantity issues – from surface and subsurface runoff
•Protecting Wildlife Habitat- with food, water, and shelter enhancements for all types of animals
•Conservation Education – resources tailored to adult and youth audiences

•Backyard Conservation Audits – give you ideas for your backyard Link
•Guidance to local officials to protect or restore natural resources
•Technical and educational presentations to small and large groups.