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Teacher? Student? Homeschool? Here you’ll find conservation information related to your teaching and learning.

•Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District offers programs that supplement your current curriculum needs.  Programs are designed with connecting students and families to the natural resources in their backyard, school  and in their community.    All programs are one class period and are free of charge. 

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WE provide

•Educators with classroom presentations and education material on specific natural resource and agricultural topics
•Class field trips to Eyman Park, Deer Creek, Shaw Wetland, and the City Farm
•Assistance to educators on grant applications for natural resource and agricultural education projects
•Teacher Workshops
•Assist with envirothon teams   High school competition Link

We assist:

•Educators with Wild School Sites and fundraising
•Ideas to enhance and use your outdoor space as a learning opportunity for students

We sponsor

•Poster Contest

Learn more about our Educational programs check out grade specific programs.

We can tailor programs to meet your needs.  Call and schedule today. 740-313-3212 or email Brigitte Hisey at