Grain operator?  •Livestock producer? •Specialty grower? •Land owner?
•Here you will find conservation information related to your business and your land.

WE have
•Cover crop Resources for Farmers:  Add links love cover crop map
•Watershed maps, tile maps and aerial photography of agricultural land.
•Historical imagery of Fayette County with maps dating back to 1939.
WE help with
•Nutrient management –with 4R fertilizer nutrient management plans
•Improving soil health-through cover crops and conservation practices.
•Responsible Water Quality and Quantity Issues- from surface and subsurface runoff
•Protecting Wildlife Habitat with food, water and shelter enhancements for all types of animals
•Managing Manure Nutrients- with sampling guidance
We do:
•Pasture and Grazing Management Plans
•Engineering plans for: waterways, wetlands, livestock facilities, ponds, and fencing
•Investigation of agricultural pollution complaints from manure or sediment
•Forestry plans
•Wildlife conservation and management plans
•NRCS program updates and deadlines

•Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District was established in 1947 in Fayette County.   We have a commitment to promote the wise stewardship of our natural resources.  Our knowledge and expertise in practices allows us to provide you with the resources you require to address the conservation needs of your farming operation and land resources. 
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