Fayette County Bird Count

2012 to 2020 bird count results
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Results of the Fayette County Bird Count 2020

The Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District hosted a bird count on December 15th.  Thirteen people participated.  This year participants went out on their own to cover the 15mile radius count circle.   Included in the count were sites in the City of Washington Court House, local farms, and Deer Creek State Park and Wildlife areas.   

 A total of 58 species were identified, up 12 species from last year.  In a nine year period the Fayette County bird count has had a total of 88 species sited in Fayette County during the month of December.  The weather was cold, and cloudy with a high of 28 degrees.    We did not see a variety of water fowl this year at Deer Creek, said Brigitte Hisey, Natural Resource Specialist at Fayette SWCD.  I think that really hurt our species numbers.  Otherwise, it is an impressive number for the weather conditions. This is the second year of not seeing waterfowl species at the park.           

The count is part of the annual event of the Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count.  The Audubon Society has been collecting information for 121 years on population trends.  A fifteen mile circle is created and locations within the area are included.    Data comes from over 2200 circles across the county with more than 70,000 volunteers participating.   The same circle can then be counted every year to compare the results.   The count runs from December 14th to January 5th.   For a more details report of species sited over the last nine years visit the Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District Facebook page, call the office at 740-636-0279, or e-mail Brigitte Hisey at  If you want to join us next year we can put you on a list.