Administrative Plan


The purpose of this plan will be to outline procedures to implement and maintain the Section 8 Existing Housing Program for the Fayette Metropolitan Housing Authority (hereafter referred to as FMHA or Authority.)

The primary objectives of the FMHA are:

  • To make public relations a priority.
  • To apply for Section 8 Existing monies from HUD upon invitation.
  • To provide assistance in daily living for low-income families, the disabled and the elderly.
  • To address the special housing problems of those disabled by developmental disabilities and or illness.
  • To cooperate with private contractors, private non-profit organizations, and property owners in planning and in developing new construction, rehabilitation, and/or housing assistance.
  • To consider programs that provide homes scattered throughout the community for low and moderate-income families as opposed to concentrated projects. 
  • The FMHA is further committed to carrying out the Existing Housing Program in the spirit intended by the United States Congress and HUD. To that end the FMHA shall not discriminate against any applicant or employee on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, familial status or national origin. It shall endeavor to perform its duties in the most effective, efficient professional manner possible, treating all persons with courtesy, respect and fairness.

  1. Administrative Plan

Program Outreach


  • Contacts with potential landlords will be made through press releases, appearances on local radio talk shows, and presentations given by the director to various community organizations: such as, Realtors' groups, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc. In addition, contact will be made with officials of all townships and municipalities within the FMHA enlisting their support and gaining information on possible landlords in the area of the FMHA.
  • If it is determined from past history that the FMHA is having problems with participants finding suitable rentals then a general press release will be made to all media, requesting interested landlords to contact the FMHA. If necessary, a meeting will be scheduled with those responding and other potential landlords and interested persons to inform them of the mechanics of the program and the benefits to be derived.
  • A file of potential landlords will be maintained and an update kept of all contact made with each landlord.


  • People currently working with low-income persons through various government and service programs will be kept informed of the progress of the program and given information to be disbursed to their clients.
  • If it is determined that at any time there are not enough applicants for Section 8 assistance for the foreseeable future (one year) then a general media release will announce the availability of Section 8-7 rental assistance and give information on how to apply.
  • Whenever FMHA'S waiting list is of such length as to guarantee that all names will not be reached in the foreseeable future, then effortsto attract potential program participants will be discontinued. Community outreach will be reinstated when determined desirable by the FMHA.

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