Fayette County Building Department

The Fayette County Building Department is the jurisdictional authority for commercial construction within Fayette County, Ohio, and residential construction located outside the City of Washington CH, Ohio. 

The Fayette County Building Department enforces the 2017 Ohio Building Code for commercial construction and the 2019 Residential Code of Ohio for residential construction.  The establishment of these codes are to create uniform minimum requirements for the erection, construction, repair, alteration and maintenance of buildings.  These requirements relate to the conservation of energy, safety and sanitation of buildings for their intended use and occupancy.

Permits are issued for new construction, additions and alterations to existing buildings, signs, swimming pools, hot tubs, solar panel installations, demolition, and other work being completed.  Please contact the Fayette County Building Department prior the start of a construction project and we will work with you through the process of obtaining the necessary construction permits to the issuance of final use and occupancy. 

The Fayette County Building Department is here to serve our community.

Fayette County Building Department 

     121 E. East Street
     Washington Court House, OH 43160
     Phone: 740.335.2212
     Fax:      740.335.6644

M - F
     7:30 AM - 4:00 PM  (Closed Lunch  - 12 to 1)

The Board of Fayette County Commissioners have adopted by Resolution on July 6, 2020, effective September 1, 2020, and recorded in Commissioner Journal V, Page 91, revisions to building permit applications and fee schedules.