About Us

Our Mission
is to maintain the highest level of public safety and customer service in the administration of building construction code enforcement. The Fayette County Building Department is responsible for providing residents of the county with a safe environment in which to live, work and raise families. This is accomplished by enforcing building codes to protect people from the hazards of unsafe construction.

The Fayette County Building Department is certified by the State of Ohio to enforce building codes of the:

  • Ohio Building Code
  • Ohio Residential Code
  • Ohio Manufacturing Home Commission

The inspectors are certified as:

  • Building Officials
  • Building Inspectors
  • Electrical Safety Inspectors
  • Plumbing Inspectors
  • Manufactured Home Inspectors

Fayette County's Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the residential building codes county wide, except in the City of Washington Court House. We are also responsible for enforcing the commercial building code county wide including the City of Washington Court House.

It is the responsibility of our building department staff to review construction plans and ensure that proposed projects meet all applicable codes, to issue all required permits, to conduct inspections throughout the construction process and to ensure that projects are constructed in accordance with approved plans and in a manner that complies with code regulations.