Facilities Management

Providing Services for a Safe Working Environment

The Facilities Management Department is responsible for the physical needs of the Fayette County Government, providing direct building maintenance support for the County's 40-plus structures. Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Air-Conditioning (HVAC), and Fire/Life Safety, to name a few of the department's responsibilities.

For Help

If you need help or information concerning any services please email or contact the Commissioner's Office.

Responsibilities & Services

  • Providing day-to-day service request repairs
  • Repairing furniture, doors, windows
  • Conducting inspections and preventative maintenance
  • Assisting with Minor Projects repairs and renovations
  • Providing general building maintenance
  • Building and Installing cabinetry and shelving
  • Locksmithing
  • Custom signage
  • Providing exterior and interior painting
  • Electrical
  • Providing power distribution
  • Maintaining electrical
  • Installing, testing, and maintaining fire alarm systems
  • Maintaining electrical motors
  • Installing and changing indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Servicing mechanical equipment
  • Maintaining and repairing fans, pumps, emergency generators
  • Elevator maintenance
  • Providing heating, ventilation, refrigeration and controls
  • Maintaining and providing water and sewage systems
  • Servicing backflow preventers, and sanitary systems
  • Maintaining and servicing pipes and valves
  • Maintenance of Fire Alarms
  • Maintenance of Fire Alarm devices
  • Coordination of all life safety tests

Our Mission

The mission of the Fayette County Facilities Management Department is to provide fiscally responsible facilities and facility-related services to the citizens and employees of Fayette County so they may enjoy an efficient and safe environment.