No one likes to think about the chances of becoming a victim of crime. But the statistics show that it could happen to anyone.

Crime has no respect for the young, the old, the rich or the poor. Victims of crime experience not only emotional trauma, but physical pain and often times financial losses as well. For most, there is tremendous confusion regarding the criminal justice system and how it works.

Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney, Steven Eckstein realized the need for services for all victims and witnesses of crime in Fayette County. In April of 1996, Lora Stonerock King was appointed as the first Director of the Fayette County Victim Witness Division. Along with the help of many in the community and the dedication of the staff, this program has developed and expanded, and in turn, has helped many victims of crime in Fayette County.

This program provides support, advocacy and crisis intervention assistance to all felony crime victims and witnesses. The division has a professional staff and trained volunteer advocates, which provide 24-hour assistance, free of charge.

I will commit myself to working very hard to further develop this program and to provide further assistance to all victims of crime in Fayette County.

Martha Preston, Past Director (Retired)

Victim Witness Division

The Purpose of the Victim/Witness Program

To provide more consideration and personal attention to victims and witnesses.

 To sensitize criminal justice professionals, the mass media, and the community to the needs of victims of crime.

 To assure that victims and witnesses are informed of the progress of the case in which they are involved.

 To advocate for victims and their families by connecting them with local resources that will aid them in their recovery process.


Your Obligations and Responsibilities to Society as a Victim of
 or a Witness to a Crime

 Report the crime immediately.

 Cooperate fully with law enforcement officials.

 Testify honestly and completely.

 Immediately notify the Victim/Witness Program in the event you change your address or   telephone number. 



1. Victims and witnesses have a right to be treated with dignity and compassion.

2.Victims and witnesses have a right to protection from intimidation and harm.

3. Victims and witnesses have a right to be informed concerning the criminal justice process.

4. Victims have a right to provide input into the criminal justice process, especially at such key points as plea bargaining, sentencing, and parole release hearings.

5. Victims and witnesses have a right to reparations, where applicable.

6. Victims and witnesses have a right to preservation of property and employment.

7. Victims and witnesses have a right to due process in criminal court proceedings.

8. Victims and witnesses have a right to timely notice of judicial proceedings they are to attend, and timely notice of cancellation of any proceeding.

9. To compensation through the Ohio Court of Claims, where applicable.

10. To receive information as to when a convicted offender will be released from prison, if you have made such a request in writing.


Eight Ways We Can Help

If you are victim or witness of a crime in Fayette County, the following services
are available to you through the Victim/Witness Assistance Division.
Twenty-four hour response to hospital, police and personal
Requests for assistance in cases of felony crime, with specialized services for 
sexual assault,  child sexual abuse victims, and homicide survivors.
Information regarding the status of criminal cases.
Explanation of, and orientation to, the criminal justice process.
Referral services for social service needs.
Placement of civilian witnesses on telephone stand-by for court appearances when needed.
Assistance with victim compensation and restitution procedures.
Assistance with court appearance problems.
Accompany victims in court.
Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney
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Victim Witness Division
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